Minute Office Box

Your remote office, set up in a minute

The Minute Office box is a flexible screen that one can place on desks or workbenches. The screen is easy to fold up and down, and a student can take it along flexibly. The isolation ensures that users receive fewer external stimuli and can concentrate better.All our boxes are injected with a self-disinfecting coating, allowing users to work in a safe environment. Moreover, the box is made of recycled PET felt, so a Minute Office box consists of 80 recycled PET bottles.

Made in Holland

To respond adequately to our customers' wishes and be able to do business sustainably, we have chosen to manufacture our products in the Netherlands.

Minute Office Storage

Students can easily store the Minute Office box in a cabin that we optionally supply in addition to the screens. This cabinet can be provided with your company logo and offers space for 25 boxes. It is possible to produce both the cabinets and the boxes in custom sizes for your organisation.

Pretain Technologies

By optionally using Pretain's self-disinfecting coatings on our products, we ensure that the surfaces of the portable offices are a lot more hygienic. That possible cross-contamination through these surfaces is reduced to the lowest possible level. For more information about Pretain Technologies please visit their website:


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